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Add your business location to GPSYour business registration on the GPS is an URGENT need perhaps equally as important as your business phone, domain name, web site and yellow pages listing.


Add your business location to GPSYour GPS-LDT® (GPS Location Data Tag) listing with GPS Registrar is an asset and an unfair competitive advantage over your competition.


Add your business location to GPSYour GPS-LDT® listing with GPS Registrar will appear on all major GPS Map Sets, SatNavs and GPS enabled devices.


Add your business location to GPSEven if you already have some sort of presence on GPS,  you can add your logo, branding and extended info on all major GPS Map Sets with our exclusive Enhanced GPS-LDT® listing service.

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GPS-LDT® (GPS Location Data Tag) is a proprietary listing technology for GPS-based navigation and GPS-enabled location-aware devices.  Cutting edge GPS Location-based technologies and innovative GPS Database solutions are the corner stone of our applications and services.

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FindWhere™ - License To Locate

FindWhere’s advanced GPS tracking solution delivers an accurate service to help businesses improve efficiency, prevent loss, manage risk or optimize surveillance & security. FindWhere’s services can be used with professional-grade GPS tracking devices or with GPS enabled mobile phones.

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We thank the following organizations and many other GPS suppliers for their invaluable contributions in the  promotion of GPS related infrastructure and technological advancements.

GPS Navigation Institute

NavStar GPS Satellite

GPS Navigation Satellite Systems

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